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    WebHelp does not open in IE 10

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    I am using XMetal 7 Enterprise – SP Edition –

    When I try opening the WebHelp output in IE 10, it does not open fully – the left and top panes are visible but the content does not show up. There is an IE message asking me to Allow Blocked Content.
    This same issue was present in IE 8 too but we created help files using RoboHelp then. And in RoboHelp, there is an option to make the content websafe, such that this IE message does not show up.

    Is there a way to make content websafe while creating the help files in XMetal, such that the user does not get this IE message and the webhelp content appears fine.

    – Hema.


    Derek Read

    Reply to: WebHelp does not open in IE 10

    If you are testing what your content will look like in IE before uploading it to your website (where IE has different rules about security and won't complain) you might choose to output using “Multiple HTML files”. That might be similar to what you were doing with Robohelp (not sure).

    An alternative would be to try to dumb down the security in IE for the Local Intranet Zone. Some info here: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/internet-explorer/ie-security-privacy-settings#ie=ie-10

    If you just need to see what the Webhelp will look like in a browser, and don't necessarily care about IE specifically, you might use another browser. Most (perhaps all now) have security models that do not complain like IE does about the JavaScript that drives the Webhelp. Despite what some versions of IE warn about, the Webhelp is pure DHTML (HTML + JavaScript) and does not use ActiveX at all.


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