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    webhelp bug?

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    Is it just my computer or are other people experiencing this issue?
    Whenever I resize the web browser the webhelp reloads back to the first page.

    Using Xmetal and IE 8


    Derek Read

    Reply to: webhelp bug?

    Can't reproduce this here. Not sure if it matters but my version of IE is 8.0.6001.18702
    Do you have a different version of IE?
    Can we assume this doesn't happen for other browsers for you? (FF 3.6 is OK for me too)



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    Sorry I should have done a little more testing and narrowed the problem. I am using 8.0.6001.18702. I found that it appears to be a bit wider issue; the toc is not updating or automatically expanding at all.
    I found the webhelp work fine if it’s on a website with http or on my local computer. If however the files are on a shared network drive mapped or unmapped the toc appears no not work and causes the resizing error.

    update: Doh, figured it out, I had an apostrophe in one of the directory levels “geoff’s work” , took out the apostrophe, works fine now.


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