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    WebHelp and Localization

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    This probably isn't the correct post to add this too, [ moderator note: moved this posting to its own topic ] but can you explain how localization works with WebHelp? If I have the language set in the map file, how do I make it so that the WebHelp is localized as well. Are there files that I need to translate, and do I need to have a separate deliverable for each language to make sure it is using the correct languages in the WebHelp? For example, this applies to the Contents and Search buttons as well as the Print buttons and whatever else buttons people choose to display.

    Additionally, I have found that certain characters are showing up as the old diamond question mark instead of displaying correctly. I know the main page is UTF-8 but the toc_data.js file is ANSI, though the characters are displaying correctly there.



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    Currently there is no mechanism for localizing the Webhelp interface; we have looked at implementing this feature but we do not have a timetable at this point in time.

    In the interim, there's nothing stopping you from implementing a client-side solution, using jQuery to get the language attribute from the content html and using that information to modify the interface strings. Use a flag to set this *once* per webhelp session, so the UI isn't updating every time the iframe content changes.

    If you have any preference how localization should be implemented for webhelp, please let us know.


    – Chris


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