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    Warning: generateScript: SETSCRIPT = no

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    On my old machine (Win 7 64 bit), I ran XMetal 6.0 ( successfully and created WebHelp files.

    On my new machine (same configuration), I can generate WebHelp if I do not specify a custom footer and css. However, when I do specify custom footer and css, it hangs. It hangs on the message.
    file:/C:/Users/myDir/DOCUME%7e1/XMetaL/CAREAD%7e1/DITA_O%7e1/DITA_OT/xsl/xslhtml/dita2htmlImpl.xsl:4754:18: Warning!
        [xslt]       generateScript: SETSCRIPT =  no

    Does anyone know what this means and why my WebHelp is not compiling?


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