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  • LukasLundberg

    ? Visual Studio for Xmetal Developer 5.5

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    I have an assignment to rewrite/upgrade perl scripts to JScript, used in XMetal together with Documentum. (For a large truck company based in Sweden.)
    We use
    (c) 2008 JustSystems Canada Inc. All rights reserved.
    XMetaL(R) Author Enterprise 5.5

    and I got the XMetal Developer 5.5 which I am going to install.
    I have a question.
    (Cant find specific info about the XMetal Dev 5.5  and the 5.5 installation guide doesn't say anything about this.)
    In the Product Overview for XMetal Developer 6.0, it reads:
    In addition, XMetaL-specific IntelliSense is not
    available with Visual Studio 2008.

    Is it the same for 5.5 or which Visual Studio is best to use for Xmetal Developer 5.5
    (Have done some search tries to find info, sry if i missed anything.)
    Best Regards
    Lukas Lundberg


    Derek Read

    Reply to: ? Visual Studio for Xmetal Developer 5.5

    Microsoft changed the way IntelliSense works with the 2008 release.

    Using VS 2002, 2003 or 2005 should allow all the features we include with XMetaL Developer to function, including IntelliSense for JScript.



    Reply to: ? Visual Studio for Xmetal Developer 5.5

    Thanks alot for the info!
    The boss wanted me to get 2008, gonna try stopping that :).
    Best Regards
    Lukas Lundberg


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