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    View tab characters

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    Is there a way to view tab characters?  I have some code sample, and I'd like to be able to see where the sample uses tab characters versus where the sample uses spaces. 

    I'm using XMetaL 6.


    Derek Read

    Reply to: View tab characters

    1. Switch to Plain Text view.
    2. Copy a tab character from somewhere.
    3. Open the Find dialog (Edit > Find and Replace) and paste the tab character into the “Find” box on the “Text” tab then click the Find button. You must paste it in because the tab key is used for navigation in dialogs.

    You can search for tabs in Tags On or Normal view as well, but as we're talking about white space (which is collapsed in these views according to the XML spec) searching for them in those views can be confusing depending on where they appear in the document.

    There are other ways to do find specific characters (writing a macro for example) but the solution above is likely the simplest.


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