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  • marteeleigh

    Vertical scrolling issue in XMetal Author 4.6

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    My computer recently migrated to a new domain (the company I work for is splitting into two companies soon). Before the migration, XMetal was perfect. Since the migration, the vertical scrolling is jacked in XMetal. I use XMetal Author to create and edit docs.

    My mouse settings in Windows 7 are correct (1 line scroll), and the mouse settings are properly applied to every other program (Chrome, Word, etc.). My issue is that when I scroll UP in a doc in XMetal, the page scrolls up an entire page length. It never did this before the computer migration, so I'm wondering if there is a corrupt or missing file somewhere. The odd thing is that when I scroll DOWN, it scrolls correctly.

    This issue does not seem to be mouse-related. I have tried two mice and the track pad on the laptop, and the issue persists in XMetal only. It has to be something with XMetal Author (full version: Blast Radius(R) XMetaL(R) Author 4.6,  Version#:

    I've uninstalled. I've repaired through the Programs menu in the Control Panel. I've always been running on XP SP3 compatibility mode. No luck.

    All other XMetal functions seem fine. To my knowledge, other people who have migrated their PCs have not experienced this issue.

    Help please! :o) (I'm not very techy, so keep that in mind when responding.) Thanks!


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Vertical scrolling issue in XMetal Author 4.6

    XMetaL 4.6.0 is pretty old (2004-ish) so it isn't going to be easy to get to the bottom of this issue. The software is at version 10 now.

    If repairing or reinstalling does not correct the problem then something external must be triggering it (Windows or the mouse driver are the most likely things) unless the repair or reinstall is also failing. I really can't say what might be causing this. It sounds like a minor issue to me though, so perhaps you can live with it?

    Bug reports going back to 1997 don't turn up anything similar, so I don't think this part of the code has been altered (possibly ever). In theory, a new Microsoft compiler could affect this, and we upgrade that compiler on a fairly regular basis when Microsoft issues updates, so upgrading to the current release (XMetaL Author Essential 10) might help. But since the scrollbars in XMetaL Author are standard Windows scrollbars that have always used standard Windows APIs I really can't see that it would make any difference.



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    Hi Derek,

    Thanks for your reply. :o)

    We ended up installing the Logitech mouse software (after many unsuccessful attempts) and changing settings through the software. It fixed the issue.


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