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  • MrPaul

    Vertical scrollbar issues

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    We're having a strange issue with the vertical scrollbar when there's a lot of text inside of a tag, and part of that text is hidden on the screen. When the users click on the opening tag (it doesn't have to be the root) to select it, our vertical scrollbar goes down automatically forcing the selection to get lost. We'd like the selection to stick.
    As a workaround, clicking on the closing tag works, because the scrollbar doesn't move up allowing the selection to persist.
    When the XMetal OnClick event gets triggered, the selection is ok but when it leaves that event and enters the OnUpdateUI event, that's when we lose the selection. I can't seem to find the culprit. I tried isolating a lot of our custom code, but the problem is always there.

    We're using XMAX v7.0. I can't reproduce this in Author v6, but I have noticed some minor flickering with the selected text (not sure if related or not). But the scrollbar stays in place and thus the selection remains.
    If I could figure out a way to temporarily disable the auto-scrolling, it might fix this issue.

    Has anyone experienced this?



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