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    Using Ditaval to Move Files for Translation

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    XMETAL Enterprise Edition 5.0 SP 1.
    Using DITA 'out of the box', no specializations.
    Working with files on a file server in a large folder with a variety of sub-folders.
    – Getting Started folder
    – Graphics folder
    – System Requirements folder
    – Methods folder
    — System Methods folder
    — Operating Methods folder
    – Means folder
    – Data Acquisition folder
    — Imported Data folder
    — Exported Data folder
    — Built Data folder
    … and so on…

    In this structure, pub_01 and pub_02 maps point to the section maps for that product/release combination. The section maps point to the topics in the appropriate folder. There are more complexities than this, but for the basic question, I hope that is enough information.

    We build the English Help and print manuals (PDF) here, in house. We then collect all the relevant files and send them to a translation firm. I want to have a transform that I can use as a output format (Deliverable type), going through the Generate Output dialog box, that will pick up the topics according to the ditaval and move those to a selected location.

    Right now, I grab a copy of the entire DITA CONTENT folder and move that to a location, then remove the folders and maps that are not required for the iteration of the manual that I'm sending to translation. I'm acting as a human ditaval and it is error-prone. I generally try to err on the side of caution and send far more topic and image files than required.

    I'm certain that such a transform would be possible. I was looking at build_l10extract.xml and it does this. How do I link this to my XMetal Generate Output options? Does this file actually do what I want? I don't know enough XSL right now to know.

    Please, transform my experience!




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    I've had great success using the XLIFF format for translation.  It will make your life easy.  Contact me if you want more details, but first download Swordfish II and give it a try.  It really is a great solution for localizing entire ditamaps.





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    It's looking like the utility I got from Suite Solutions is doing the trick. It allows me to select a ditamap and a ditaval as the source and it goes through the two moving the files needed into a destination folder. This is, so far, working great. Today is the test with the translation firm. We're sending them the fileset and they will perform their usual magic on it. Finger crossed.
    One of the things I'm finding is that as easy as tools like XMetaL make working with the OT, we end up with a dearth of actual understanding so much of the processing is a mystery to us. Same with the xlation, a black box in which we dump xml files and get translated CHM and PDFs in return.



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