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    User-defined macros in XMetaL Author

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    Hi all

    I have a shared folder with all the different DTDs (xac files) used by a set of users.
    When one of the user tries to create a macro for one specific DTD, is it possible for others to access/not access it?
    I understand that the particular user/machine can use the new macro again, but how can it be reflected it to other users?(say, to add it as a new button in a toolbar and share it with others).

    Anyone familiar with this scenario?Suggestions pleasee

    Thanks in advance.


    Derek Read

    Reply to: User-defined macros in XMetaL Author

    If the file that is storing macros recorded by your users is the MCR file associated with the DTD or XSD (sitting in the same shared folder as the DTD or XSD) then your users will be overwriting other users macros (which is what I assume you are talking about). This means the users are selecting one of the two items containing the phrase “(All Users)” in the “Create this macro for” dropdown.

    Instead, have them pick one of the items containing their windows login name. This will write their script into the corresponding MCR file on their local machine and it will only be available to them:

    Application-level macro:

    Document-level macro:

    This is still sort of a legacy feature (partially), from the time when XMetaL Author was just called “XMetaL” and everyone was both an author and developer. This is why, even though you are “just a user”, you have to understand who the macro you are recording is for.

    Given enough demand I could see us removing the options to record macros for “All Users”, or to provide a way for developers (such as yourself) to turn off those items.

    If you are worried that your users may still write to your MCR files you can try to make them read-only at the system level on your server where the shared folder resides. In this case the user should be given an error, which may prompt them to remember to select one of the other items.



    Reply to: User-defined macros in XMetaL Author

    Hi Derek

    Thanks for the reply. That was really helpful.
    I can now think of some way to solve this issue.



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