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  • russurquhart1

    Unsable to get value of node from node list

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    I've used the getNodesByXPath to get nodes in the past, but in this case, where i want the text inside the node, i get either nothing (with .nodeValue) or undefined (with .data). The .nodeName produces the element name correctly. Here is the code i have:

    var objNode = ActiveDocument.documentElement;
    var nodelist = objNode.getNodesByXPath(“//PartNumber”);
    Application.Alert(nodelist.length + ” PartNumber elements in this doc.”);
    var nodecount = nodelist.length;
    var all_the_rows = “”;

    if (Selection.CanInsert(“SubSection”))

    for (i=0; i {
    var current_PartNumber = nodelist.item(i);

            Application.Alert(“Node Name: ” + nodelist.item(i).nodeName);
            Application.Alert(“Node Value: ” + nodelist.item(i).nodeValue);
            Application.Alert(“Node Value: ” + nodelist.item(i).data);

    var current_PartNumber_Str = current_PartNumber.text;
    var all_the_rows = all_the_rows + row_str;


    Can anyone provide some pointers to do this?




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