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    Unknown Element Error When Creating Element

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    I am getting an “Unknown element, unable to create.” error when I attempt to create a particular element programmatically in XMetaL 6.0. Some elements I can create without difficulty, but this element I could not. I used a command similar to the one below to do the creation:

    var fooNode = doc.createElement(“foo”);

    After some research, I found that I had to move the in-line definition for the element in the schema to a referenced definition. Doing this would allow me to add the element without difficulty. I was curious if this is a known issue and/or why this occurs. Below are examples from the working and non-working schemas. Perhaps there is an issue with the non-working schema, but it appears to be valid according to my research.

    Please let me know if there are any additional details that I can provide that would be helpful.






    Doesn't Work:







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