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    Unable to generate PDF output (renderx) for composite topics (<dita..>)

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    If my ditamap contains composite topics (tagged ), I cannot  generate output to PDF (that is, to deliverable type: XMetal Enhanced PDF via RenderX XEP).

    However, I can publish ditamaps that contain simple topics (the standard dita topics reference, task, concept) to any Deliverable type, including XMetal Enhanced PDF via RenderX XEP.

    Also, I can publish ditamaps that composite topics to Deliverable type: multiple HTML files.

    How can I get output to PDF to work with compiste topics?

    I assume that this is an issue of command parameters.
    In the 'Configure Output Options' > Advanced I  have:

    cmd_always_open_log  =  no
    ANT_OPTS  =  "-Xmx256m"
    cmd_fs_sandboxing  =  no
    cmd_cms_sandboxing  =  yes
    cmd_dita_before_14_compatible  =  yes
    cmd_dita_ot_per_user_version  =  1
    _rem_cmd_synchro_mode  =  2

    I have experimented with both:
    cmd_dita_before_14_compatible  =  no
    cmd_dita_before_14_compatible  =  yes

    With cmd_dita_before_14_compatible  =  no the publication fails.
    With cmd_dita_before_14_compatible  =  yes the poublication nomunally succeeds but the topic contents are not included in the output pdf.

    In Edit deliverable type for PDF output, I have:
    cmd_xmreviewer  =  1

    Any suggestions gratefully received!


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