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  • achu

    troubleshoot saveasPDF

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    XMLtoPDF has been set up but no dialog boxes show up as developer manual describes:

    “Check the Create XSL Style Sheet check box
    Check the Create Batch File check box
    Type the Folder path of FOP (an absolute path to the foldercontaining the Formatting Object Processor)

    when run saveasPDF, nothing is geneated.
    What should I look for if the saveasPDF generates nothing?

    version XMetal 5.5


    Derek Read

    Reply to: troubleshoot saveasPDF

    It would be easiest to debug your script then step through it to see what is failing.

    Most of the code that drives this functionality is written in JScript and is contained in this file:

    In XMetaL Author Essential or Enterprise the default install location would be here:
    C:Program FilesXMetaL 6.0AuthorStartUpmultipleOutput.mcr

    If you have a debugger installed (Visual Studio, Microsoft Script Debugger, or other) then when the code hits your debugger statement (that would be “debugger” in JScript, or “Stop” in VBScript — check your language's documentation if you are using another language) then you should be able to step through the code using the UI in your debugger, and it should eventually jump into the multipleOutput.mcr code.


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