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  • chouk

    Trouble understanding error message.

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    I am currently moving from XMetaL 5.0 to XMetaL 5.5.

    When opening a xml document which is validated using a DTD I receive an error message “A referenced entity is already open.”  I would like to understand what the error message means so that I can adjust the DTD. I have not been able to find references for this error message.

    This document opens fine in XMetaL 5.0.

    Version of XMetaL used:
    XMetaL(R) Author Enterprise 5.5 Service Pack 1


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Trouble understanding error message.

    This warning might mean your DTD is trying to redefine an entity that has been previously defined, though it could also be something else. I believe this is a warning not an error (correct?) If so, this is not new behavior, so I'm surprised it would suddenly appear without any changes to the DTD.

    However, in order to give you a really good answer XMetaL Support will need to see your DTD. Can you please submit a support case to XMetaL Support?



    Reply to: Trouble understanding error message.


    Thank you for your reply. 

    It is actually an error.  It stops processing the document and does not apply any of the styling.  The file ends up being in plain text in the editor.

    I will submit a support case.


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