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    trouble defining an element

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    I'm having trouble defining an element. The instructions in the help begin with:

    1. In the Element List, double-click .

    I'm assuming that refers to the title bar of the Element List, which is the only place I can find a reference to “Insert Element.” Double-clicking this title bar toggles between docking and undocking the list. It doesn't do anything else.

    If I right-click this “Insert Element” title bar, I see two options: Allow Docking and Hide. There is nothing that seems to indicate that I could add an element.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


    Derek Read

    Reply to: trouble defining an element

    Are you thinking that you can define an element for an existing DTD or Schema? If so I think you are misunderstanding the help. You can only define new elements when working with well-formed documents. If you are working with a document of a certain type (one that specifies a DTD or Schema such as DITA, DocBook, etc) the Element List only allows you to insert elements already defined in that DTD or Schema.

    Hope that makes sense. If not I need some more details about what you are wanting to do.


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