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    Trisoft/LiveContent Architect xmetal author bridge directory structure

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    Can you tell me the role of the various directories that are used in Trisoft for interfacing with XMetal? SDL suggested that I ask Justsystems who suggested that I ask SDL.

    On the server there are directories:

    Local Storage

    both contain macros and stylesheets. What is the function of a common local storage directory on the server? Changes to CSS made there seem to appear on the client.

    I am guessing that files for a particular DTD override styles in ditabase or mapbase. But, what about Editor vs. Local storage?


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Trisoft/LiveContent Architect xmetal author bridge directory structure

    SDL built the integration between their CMS and XMetaL Author Enterprise (what we refer to as a “connector”) so they should be able to answer any of your questions about the CMS and the connector they built for XMetaL. It seems odd they would ask you to contact JustSystems with these questions. Perhaps they thought you were asking about something else?

    As far as XMetaL Author Enterprise is concerned it locates the schema (DTD or XSD) based on the information it finds in the XML file's DOCTYPE declaration (either the SYSTEM or PUBLIC ID) or the schemaLocation attribute (it is also possible to manipulate this lookup using script and catalog files can also come into play). Ultimately, XMetaL only opens files from your local machine. If there is not already a local copy, and the CMS has the means to do so, it might provide all the files needed like the schema and other XMetaL “customization files” (CSS, CTM, MCR and possibly other files) to your local system along with the XML file. I believe that is the case for Trisoft.

    Once the schema has been found then all other XMetaL “customization files” (CSS, CTM, MCR and possibly other files) are generally located relative to the schema (though there is a fallback routine). CSS, CTM and MCR files are found automatically if they are in the same folder as the schema file and have the same name (different file extension) while other files are located based on settings in the CSS, CTM or MCR files.

    So, to answer your question: What is stored in the server and how the server is configured does not really mean anything to XMetaL Author Enterprise. The CMS and the connector are responsible for placing a copy of any files needed to author a particular XML file onto your local system in a location where XMetaL Author Enterprise can locate them. Most CMS systems do not provide a means to deploy additional files along with the XML file however and in that case additional configuration of the XMetaL Author Enterprise installation may be necessary. However, some do have this ability as is the case with Trisoft.

    This slideshow summarizes how XMetaL Author Enterprise locates files: http://www.slideshare.net/XMetaL/deploying-schemas-and-xmetal-customization-files


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