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    Track changes -> numbering wrong on specialized DITA elements

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    We uses XMetaL Version#:

    Please see picture first, and will I try to explain our problem.

    We are trying the get the numbering consistent when using track changes on documents.

    In our specialized DITA, we have orderedlist element which is equivalent/refers to ol i standard DITA.
    So our orderedlist element is behaving the same as standard DITA ol i XMetaL.
    Ol numbering with track changes is on is showing very nicely, and counting correctly(See part nr. 1 in image).

    Regarding our specialized subsec3 element which is equivalent/refers to section i standard DITA, we are not able to get the same behavior as with orderedlist. As shown in part nr. 2 in the picture the subsec3 gets a red line trough it, but the number is removed and the next subsec3 is not updated(from 3.1.3 to 3.1.2).

    With some digging here I found out that the ditabase-base.css is setting the line-through when text is deleted, but I could not find any connection between the track changes CSS-stuff and ol element(which I maybe could use as a template for subsec3 my CSS-code).

    Is this the way to do this, or is this even possible to achieve?

    Any help regarding this is appreciated, thanks!



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