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    TOPLEAF: Table of Contents Selection

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    Dear All,

    This is what my TOC tags looks like:

    In the “map” tag, pre-content –

    In “indexlist” tag, pre-content –


    In the “IndexTitle” tag, pre-content –

    In “toc” tage pre-content –


    In “%IndexTitle” custom marker, pre-content –


    In “$document” Tag, pre-content should have –

    This worked fine for me with PDF topic links, I use Xmetal 6.0 enterprise with TopLeaf 7.6

    The only problem I get is, if in a single xml, I have 1 main topic and 2 subtopics then all 3 are displayed in TOC even if I don't need the subtopics to be listed. I need help to be able to customize TOC as per my requirement. If the subtopics are listed as demoted entries, it would still be ok, but even that is not happening, all entries are displayed as Main Titles.

    Any help would be appreciated.





    Reply to: TOPLEAF: Table of Contents Selection

    My guess is that you don't have mappings to handle nested topics, but I can't be sure just from the information here. Note that the stylesheet that came with the old version 6 plugin did not correctly handle nested topics. The sample DITA stylesheets included in the current version of TopLeaf show how to easily allow for nested topics.

    Please contact [email protected] so we can discuss what information we need to provide a solution.


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