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    TOPLEAF: Suppressing automatic map-based links

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    We currently have our unit maps configured to only show a partial TOC (links to the next level of headings) at the top of each chapter.

    We'd like to expand that functionality to include partial TOCs for lower level headings, and have a couple of questions:

    – Is there a way to suppress the map-based automatic links in a TopLeaf PDF? The lower level linking is really more appropriate for our WebHelp format.

    – Also, when we set lower level topics to use “normal” linking, we end up with a link to the parent topic as well as to the child topics. We had already had this issue in the chapter link list, but it was resolved with a fix from you that added the following mapping:

    link[mapclass=”-map/topicref bookmap/part ”]

    which on the Custom tab commented out the automatic link

    I'm not quite sure how the mapping was set up. Can we do something similar for other levels?





    Reply to: TOPLEAF: Suppressing automatic map-based links

    Suppressing links should just be a matter of locating the mappings that generate them and disabling that part of the functionality.

    The mapping you mention is a specific override that is used for a link element with a specific value of the mapclass attribute. You'll need to identify what needs to be overridden, and then construct appropriate mappings.

    If you're having trouble I recommend contacting Turn-Key and discussing the options for obtaining support.


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