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    TopLeaf: Suppress leader/number in TOC entry?

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    Is it possible to suppress the leader and page number for a TOC entry? If so, how? For example, I want my topicheads used for part headings to appear in the TOC, but without a dot leader and page number.

    TopLeaf 7.6.059





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    This response has been delayed for several days because the forum has been rejecting my posts. If you don't get a reply in a reasonable time, please contact [email protected].

    If you can reserve a TOC level number for topicheads, then you can modify the mappings for that level to remove the page number. Otherwise, you can include a custom marker in the entry generated for the topichead, and use the corresponding mapping to disable the page number. For example, it could set a variable that the tl:folio mapping can test.


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