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    TOPLEAF: Populating PDF document properties

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    In the PDFs generated from XMetal using the “XMetal Enhanced PDF via RenderX XEP” option, the document properties for the PDF (from within the PDF, select File –> Properties) have values populated from the document.

    Title – mainbooktitle and first booktitlealt
    Author – name of the company (from the bookmap bookmeta/bookowner/organization tag)
    Subject – shortdescription from the first topic
    Keywords – name of the product (from the bookmap bookmeta/keyword tag)

    Is there any way to replicate any of this in a PDF generated using a TopLeaf stylesheet?

    Currently the Title is “Template” and the Author is “Turn-Key Systems Pty Ltd”.



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    Never mind. My coworker did a better job of searching the Mapping Guide and found the answer.



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    Hey jlm05.
    I have the same issue. Can you explain your solution, maybe with an exapmle.



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    There are a number of meta data properties that you can set within TopLeaf. The ones with names beginning with “pdf.” control PDF creation.

    For example, the following will set the Title field in the PDF:

    (the variable name is not important, but needs to be present). In practice you would probably use a value that had been extracted from the source content. You can add this to the custom content of any mapping.

    For a full list of the meta data values see section 11.4.8 of the Mapping Guide.


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