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    TopLeaf: Plugin 8.02 issues

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    Hi All,

    We have had some reports of issues with the latest (8.02) version of the TopLeaf XMetaL PLugin when used by existing version 7 users.

    The problem has been located and a new version (8.10) is being prepared. After testing this should be available for download sometime next week. I will post again once it is up on the website.

    Apologies for any inconvenience while we sort this out,



    Reply to: TopLeaf: Plugin 8.02 issues

    The 8.10 Plugin is now in beta test. Because TopLeaf now has enhanced native DITA support, some of the standard mappings can be greatly simplified. This has been done for the packaged stylesheets, but we want to include a patch file in the distribution which can be added to existing user stylesheets.

    This patch will take us another day or two to complete, after which the new Plugin will be available for download.




    Reply to: TopLeaf: Plugin 8.02 issues

    After further investigation we've decided to defer any changes to the plugin until we can reliably reproduce the problem.

    If there is anyone having difficulties with the plugin, please contact [email protected].


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