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    TopLeaf: Note (Label) graphics

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    XMetaL Author Enterprise 8.0

    We have a label set up as Block format for a style of a paragraph (style[type=”inspection”]) with custom content

    The NoteLabel marker is set as a Label (with reset margins and inherited Image).

    The issue is that the graphic used (inspect.png)  appears the same size, even after I resize the original file.
    I have it set as Dropped, to align it with the associated para, but cannot enlarge it.

    Can anyone help please?



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    I can't reproduce this. An image is always displayed at its “natural” size unless the boundaries of the area in which it is rendered force it to be scaled down. The natural size is determined by the selected resolution – either in the image itself or the default DPI set in the mapping. Make sure that when you resized the image you didn't just add more pixels without actually changing the size.


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