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    Topleaf error: build_topleaf.xml does not exist

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    I recently installed the topleaf plugin to create custom stylesheets for my DITAmaps, but when testing the installation on the XMetaL eveluation guide, I get the following error:

    C:UsersIB61B~1.WEYAppDataRoamingSoftQuadXMETAL~1DITA_OT>call ant -Dargs.input=”c:/users/i.weyers/documents/xmetal/evaluation guide/XMetaL_Evaluator_Guide.ditamap” -Doutput.dir=”C:Usersi.weyersDocumentsXMetaLEvaluation Guidepdf_out”  -Ddita.temp.dir=C:UsersIB61B~1.WEYAppDataRoamingSoftQuadXMETAL~1DITA_OTtemp -Ddita.dir=C:UsersIB61B~1.WEYAppDataRoamingSoftQuadXMETAL~1DITA_OT -Dtksroot=C:PROGRA~1TKS -Dtlrepos=C:PROGRA~2TopLeaf -Dtlplugin=C:PROGRA~1TOPLEA~1 -Dstylesheet=DITAmap -Dpdfprofile=default -Dargs.logdir=C:UsersIB61B~1.WEYAppDataLocalTempXMetaLRENDIT~1log -Ddita.extname=xml -Dargs.indexshow=no -Dargs.artlbl=no -Dargs.draft=yes -Ddita.input.valfile=”c:usersi.weyersdocumentsxmetalevaluation guidepdf_outXMetaL_Evaluator_Guide.ditaval”  -f build_topleaf.xml TopLeaf.PDF

    Buildfile: build_topleaf.xml does not exist!

    Build failed

    The “TopLeaf/XMetal how to” guide advises to contact this forum when the test publication does not work, so here I am. Does anyone what went wrong in my installation? I indeed cannot find the specific file on my computer.

    Thank you!



    Reply to: Topleaf error: build_topleaf.xml does not exist

    I tried deleting and rebuilding the DITA-OT folder in SoftQuad. The previously mentioned error no longer occurs, but now I get the following error:

    [echo] Setting C:UsersIB61B~1.WEYAppDataRoamingSoftQuadXMETAL~1DITA_OTtempTest.ditamap using style DITAmap
    [topleaf.compose] Composition log saved to p:inge weyerstopleafpdf_outTL_log.txt


    C:UsersIB61B~1.WEYAppDataRoamingSoftQuadXMETAL~1DITA_OTbuild_topleaf.xml:133: Composition failed: error 1039

    I searched for the composition log and found there the same error as I also get when trying to compose the DITAMAP template in the TopLeaf GUI:

    Repository:    C:PROGRA~2TopLeaf
    Partition:    DITAmap-Template
    Style Sheets:  C:PROGRA~2TopLeafDITAmap (*.DEF)
    Common Files:  C:Program FilesTKScommon
    Font Config:  C:PROGRA~2TopLeaffont.cfg
    Job:          C:UsersIB61B~1.WEYAppDataLocalTempTLApso5
    Composed by:  TopLeaf 7.6.32 (7.6.032) at 2013/02/11 14:53:53
    Flags:        DOCUMENT,XML(EN),UNICODE,WIN32
    Start page:    1

      ERROR: 001 – can't open –
    IN FILE: C:/PROGRA~2/TopLeaf/DITAmap/pagetypes.def, LINE: 1

      ERROR: 706 – no pages were created
    IN FILE: C:/PROGRA~2/TopLeaf/DITAmap/pagetypes.def, LINE: 1

    Markers:  0 referenced, 0 defined.
    Entities:  0 referenced, 973 defined.
    Mappings:  8 referenced, 0 implied, 0 defined, 0 used.
    Macros:    1291 referenced, 951 defined, 121 used.
    Fonts:    0 used.
    Pages:    none (0.0 pages/sec).
    Errors:    2 errors, 0 warnings.
    Status:    Abnormal program shutdown.


    The following file (and location) do not exist in my system: “C:WorkJustSysSamplesgendata.ditamap”, nor can I find the gendata.ditamap file on any other location in my computer.

    I suppose that this is a environment parameter that should not be fixed? Can anyone help me to get further with this issue?

    Thank you!



    Reply to: Topleaf error: build_topleaf.xml does not exist

    I've looked at the stylesheet distributed by the plugin and “C:WorkJustSysSamplesgendata.ditamap” is the initial value for the input. This means that something is going wrong during the OT processing, and your document is not being loaded. If you can send the log.xml file that XMetaL creates it may explain what is happening.


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