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    Dear friends,

    Please, is it possible to apply filtering (e.g. audiences, platform) on DITA topics?
    I want to work on same DITAMAP file for all clients. It's easier to me to avoid waste time on repetitive tasks.
    In my case, I'll just work on PDF output (XMetal Enhanced PDF via RenderX XEP), so, i'l trying to get a alternative solution with some output option (i don't know if there is some additional parameter on output that can list some topics to export).
    I appreciate the help, in advance,

    Best Regards,



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    You might read through this thread
    It sounds like the question I asked is what you’re asking about.



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    Hi gcrews,

    Thank you for your feedback.
    I read your post and talk about submaps usage.
    Did you use it successfully?
    I try to get some content at XMetal Help and has nothing.
    Do you have some reference?
    Best Regards,



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