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    topic_types.xml ineffective

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    We are just migrating from XMetaL 9.0 to 10.0.
    The topic_types.xml file has never worked for us (not in 6.0, not 7.0, not 8.0, not 9.0). It is not a big deal, but since we provide custom templates to our author community it would be nice to define automatic prefixes that would support them in using our file naming convention.

    Example entry in topic_files.xml:

    Default extension set in Options is “.dita”

    Start a new file with the Concept template, then go Save as, specify File Name “test” and Save.

    Expected result: co-test.dita.
    Observed result: test.dita

    What am I missing?

    Grateful for any tips.

    Marc Beckers
    Software AG


    Derek Read

    Reply to: topic_types.xml ineffective

    Despite what the documentation might suggest this feature has only ever worked during this specific workflow:

    1. Open a DITA map.
    2. Insert a topicref using the “Insert Topic Reference” dialog.
    3. In the “Insert Topic Reference” dialog specify a value for the navtitle.
    4. Click the Create button.
    5. From the New [from template] dialog select a DITA topic template and click OK.
    6. The “Save Topic” dialog is displayed and the suggested filename is “prefix” + “navtitle” + “extension” and any spaces are replaced by underscores.
    So, if you specified “Replacing the Confabulator” as the navtitle and you chose “Concept.xml” as the template, the suggested filename would be “c_Replacing_the_Confabulator.xml”

    Note that this feature is not triggered for CMS integrations. It is designed to work with the local file system only. CMS systems often have very specific naming conventions for file names, and in some cases the user cannot even specify or modify the file name (usually when new files are created inside the CMS).

    I see a single request from 2008 that suggests we consider designing a new Save dialog to make this feature work when a new document is created from a template (ie: File > New) but that is all, so lack of demand is likely why the feature has been left as it was originally created.

    It sounds like this isn't important to you and you are just wondering why it doesn't behave like you expect it to. Or do you really have a need for it?

    If it is important to you and you can submit a description of how you expect it to function (what are your exact needs) please submit a feature request to XMetaL Support. That would be helpful.


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