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    topic with schema reference gives "Path not found" (Solved)

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    [This issue has been solved, and appeared to have nothing to do with schema-reference. (see last message)]

    We have a serious issue that occurs since XMetaL Author 13.0 x86 (Binary#: Installer#: 13.0.0238)

    When you open a file that holds a schema reference, XmetaL gives an unnecessary message “Path not found”
    After the message the file opens correctly, and can be validated correctely against the schema.

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Create an XML file with a schema reference like:

    2. Place the schema in the correct location.
    3. Open the file in XMetaL.

    Where does this message come from, and how can it be avoided?


    Derek Read

    Reply to: topic with schema reference gives "Path not found" (Solved)

    Is this issue reproducible with the Journalist sample for you?
    I can't seem to reproduce it, or I misunderstand the issue.

    1. Select: File > New > Journalist (tab) > SchemaArticle (template)
    2. No errors.

    I would recommend sending a sample of any files needed to reproduce this issue to XMetaL Support so they can test with the same setup you have.



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    Are your trying use the DITA XML schemas?  If so, you need to have DITA Options set to version 1.3.  And our out-of-the-box catalogs for DITA XML schemas are setup to match the OASIS DITA URNs such as this example below:





    Reply to: topic with schema reference gives "Path not found" (Solved)

    Thank you for your prompt response.

    I soved the issue. It is completely my mistake.
    Last week it took me several hours to drill it down to the schema-reference, but it is not that!

    ! Sorry for bothering you unnecessarily.

    (FYI: It had to do with a macro writing the “topic_HTML_Custom.xsl” to the roamingsoftquad..display folder.)


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