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    Topic or map title is not inserted on new topicref

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    We are using XMetaL Author Enterprise This problem applies to all elements in maps that reference topics or other maps, not just topicref elements that reference topics as I show you here.

    When I insert a reference to a topic or another map in a map, I should see the target object's title in both the @navtitle attribute and navtitle element on the new element. However, the topic's title is not inserted in the referencing element.

    The Element List in XMetaL's XML editing view creates the following incomplete markup:


    The empty navtitle element is a defect with XMetaL 9. In XMetaL 6, the element was inserted correctly.

    Refreshing the map adds the @navtitle attribute in all cases but does not correct the empty navtitle elements.

      navtitle=”Table conditionalization test”>

    Any ideas on what could be happening? Thanks as always for the help.


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Topic or map title is not inserted on new topicref

    What you describe here is not being handled entirely by XMetaL Author Enterprise as a file is not being referenced, or perhaps better put, a standard file reference our software can understand (on its own). In other words, something that uses a standard Windows file system path (which for DITA actually requires a URL to be specified to be “legal” DITA).

    I base this on the “GUID” value present for the @href values.

    This type of (non-DITA-standard) href suggests your installation has an integration with a CMS system. You will need to raise this issue with the CMS vendor that has provided that integration as it is their code (added on top of XMetaL Author Enterprise) that adds the logic for making these types of references to XMetaL Author Enterprise.

    Please also confirm with the vendor that they have tested the integration you are using with XMetaL Author Enterprise version 9. It is very possible that they do not yet claim support for this release.


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