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  • echantraine

    toolbars "show text labels" option not saved

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    In some toolbars, I choose the option “Show text labels”. But when I exit XMetaL and restart it, the labels are no more displayed in the toolbars.
    How can I do to preserve this settings ? I don't want to have to set them each time I use XMetaL !

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    Derek Read

    Reply to: toolbars "show text labels" option not saved

    From what I can tell development simply did not write any code to preserve this setting across sessions when this feature was introduced with the 8.0 release.

    I guess it makes sense to do so. If you can make a formal request for this feature via XMetaL Support so they can track which customer is asking for it that will make it stick out more on the list of features and bugs they are looking into.


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