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    Toolbar Macro Icons Not Displaying

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    I want to use macros that call forms from a previous project and put them onto a toolbar. I've successfully managed to get them into my current project but they all appear as a purple play symbol, and not the previously set icons.

    What did I miss, and how do I fix this? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.

    EDIT: Using XMetaL Author 9.0


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Toolbar Macro Icons Not Displaying

    If you used a TBR file to configure your toolbars (this would have been done using the GUI for managing toolbars) then you would need to include the same file, possibly with a different filename to match the schema's filename, in your new project.

    Distribution of TBR files can be troublesome however, since they are only read from your customization once. After a TBR has been read in it is written out to the per-user folder (to allow the user to make their own changes) and read in from there. This means that if you update your copy of the TBR file in your customization it will not take effect unless you delete the per-user copy (in %appdata%).

    We generally recommend making modifications to toolbars using script inside an MCR file. This makes such changes easier to manage (once the code has been written). If you have done this you would need to include the same MCR file in your new project.


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