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    [TechProse & JustSystems] Treat Your Content like a Corporate Asset…

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    A Live Demo of Structured Authoring and Automated Publishing

    Date: Thursday, May 10, 2012
    Time: 10:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm EDT

    Giving readers fast and easy access to information they need to get their jobs done is the goal of every technical writer, content developer, or content manager. But figuring out how to do this often means rethinking how you treat your content, choosing new authoring and publishing tools, and ensuring that the solution can adapt as technology changes. These changes take time and have many layers of complexity. The good news is that sticking to industry best practices and proven tools helps simplify the effort and puts you on the path to treating your content like a corporate asset.

    In this live demo using XMetaL, an affordable content management system, and DITA, TechProse content strategist Paula Toth will show how TechProse helped a large, global shipping firm put the pieces together to reduce publication costs and production time, while also increasing reader satisfaction. During this webinar, Paula will cover:

    • Identifying pains and drivers for change
    • Creating solutions to address pain
    • Selecting content for a pilot project
    • Understanding the components of an automated authoring and publishing system
    • Deciding when DITA is right
    • Making decisions about authoring and publishing tools
    • Content conversion
    • Publishing to mutiple output targets
    • Getting the results

    Join us and learn how you can increase YOUR readers’ satisfaction with structured content and automated publishing!

    Paula Toth, Best Practices Leader/Single Sorceress at TechProse, is passionate about giving readers quick and easy access to meaningful information that helps them get things done!

    With 20 years of experience leading collaborative teams, she has time-tested methods for helping corporations envision how content assets can be put to work to increase user adoption of products and services. These methods include careful content curation, as well as automated content creation and delivery for web and print output targets to multiple devices. To do this, she uses efficient single-source and structured authoring techniques coupled with information architecture, taxonomy management, writing and formatting style standards, and topic-based reusable content. To these techniques, she adds careful selection of content management and automation tools. Paula is in very mindful that today’s content delivery systems and processes must adjust quickly to changing technology demands. With this approach she ensures that the cost of creating, storing, and publishing content is sustainable, and most importantly, readers have the best possible experience with the content.

    Paula has done projects for FedEx, Tom Sawyer Software, Integral Systems, Wells Fargo Bank, and Safeway, to name just a few.

    Register for the webinar today: [url=https://justsystems.webex.com/mw0306ld/mywebex/default.do?siteurl=justsystems&rnd=0.6480556871633293&spMailingID=4079268&spUserID=MjU5OTk3OTkxOQS2&spJobID=41931402&spReportId=NDE5MzE0MDIS1]https://justsystems.webex.com/mw0306ld/mywebex/default.do?siteurl=justsystems&rnd=0.6480556871633293&spMailingID=4079268&spUserID=MjU5OTk3OTkxOQS2&spJobID=41931402&spReportId=NDE5MzE0MDIS1[/url]


    Susan Le

    Reply to: [TechProse & JustSystems] Treat Your Content like a Corporate Asset…

    Missed the webinar? View the recording here: [url=http://justsystems.xmetal.com/webinar_TechProse/Treat_Your_Content_like_a_Corporate_Asset_and_Increase_User_Satisfaction/]http://justsystems.xmetal.com/webinar_TechProse/Treat_Your_Content_like_a_Corporate_Asset_and_Increase_User_Satisfaction/[/url]

    Best regards,
    Susan Le
    Marketing Specialist
    JustSystems Canada, Inc.


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