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  • achu

    tbr file location in XMetaL 5.5

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       I used to do customization by files in XMetaL 4.6, which means I individually changed myDoc.mcr, myDoc.tbr and myDoc.css in the text editor and then moved them to the Rules folder.
       However, when upgrade to 5.5, I can not deploy my 4.6 customization files by simply moving them to the rules folder. CSS and macro files work while they are placed in the rules folder. But not the case for the tbr file.
       It seems that Rules folder is not the primary source folder for customization.  What folder should I  look for to customize tbr file?  what will be the best deployment practice without XMetal developer? Thanks!


    Derek Read

    Reply to: tbr file location in XMetaL 5.5

    Please see this post:,462.0.html

    The same concept applies for document-level customizations and the code in that posting can be adapted for a document-level MCR file. In your case the part about the default.tbr file being written out the first time XMetaL is run can be ignored. However, the part about TBR files in general being written into %appdata% applies equally to all TBR files and so in order for any new changes for any TBR file to be picked up the file either must not exist in the %appdata% folder (ie you can try to delete it prior to loading your customization), or you need to script those changes (as shown in the sample code).


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