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    SVG support in XMetaL

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    Is there any progress on SVG support in XMetaL?

    There are many posts on this forum indicating limitations, and with XMetaL 5.5 EE, we can't get most SVG images to display (they work fine in our publishing output, but do not display within the auhtoring tool).

    It looks like heavy customization is needed to display SVGs consistently. Haven't heard of much success there, either. We're at a critical stage in evaluating future use of authoring tools, and it would be great to know how much progress has been made in this area.

    Paul Masalsky



    Reply to: SVG support in XMetaL

    This issue was solved for us, by JustSystems support (thank you, Derek and Addam).
    Our .ctm files, for our Documentum applications, were down-level.
    Updating the ctm's did the trick.
    Thank you for the excellent help, as always.


    Derek Read

    Reply to: SVG support in XMetaL

    Thanks for closing this up on the forum Paul.


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