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  • IanA

    SVG images not showing in Tags on view

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    I am using XMetaL Enterprise 5.5 SP1 with DITA 1.1 on a Vista machine.
    When I open a file with an svg image I recieve two Runtime error messages for each svg in the file.

    The first message says Line 1 has an Invalid Character and the second message is Object expected in Line 0.

    Both of these lines are identical to other files that do not have svgs and open normally. Previously this had not been a problem.

    I uninstalled Adobe SVG Viewer 3.0 and opened the file again in place of the image was a stating “Cannot view XML input ….”. Re-installing Adobe SVG Viewer gave the original problems.

    I know support for Adobe SVG Viewer is being removed and the latest version was for XP.

    How can I view my images?


    Derek Read

    Reply to: SVG images not showing in Tags on view

    I suspect the script we use to parse the SVG's is failing because of the format of the SVG files.

    In order to obtain the width and height to render the SVG at the correct size we load the SVG into MSXML. If the SVG includes a reference to a schema (DTD or XSD) that would be one cause. MSXML may be trying to locate the DTD or Schema (XSD) and failing at that point.

    Typically, after the XML declaration at the top of the SVG file many applications that create these files insert a DOCTYPE declaration that references the DTD. If you can remove this DOCTYPE declaration that may resolve the issue.


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