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    SVG, conref and keyref

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    I have the Adobe SVGViewer plugin installed.

    If I use the image element and directly reference an SVG file, the image appears in the XML editing pane. If I reference the same image using a conref, keyref, or conkeyref, the image does not appear in XMetaL. The image does appear correctly in my PDF output.

    XMetaL will display other image file types, such as PNG, in the XML editor pane when I reference the image using conref, keyref, or conkeyref.

    Is there a patch or some type of workaround? We want to use key references to handle images in our publications, but it might be a dealbreaker if the writers cannot see the image in XMetaL.

    Best regards,


    Derek Read

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    What we currently have in the product uses an embedded copy of Internet Explorer to render the SVG. It relies on any SVG support IE has (up to now requiring an SVG viewer plug-in be installed). I think you know that much already. The logic in the script that tells IE which SVG file to open (by passing IE a full path to the SVG file) only works with the DITA @href attribute at the moment. It has no smarts to support any of the other types of references you list here like XMetaL does for the image types it supports “natively” (all the various bitmap image types).

    I think the best I can do at this point is to file a feature request to add support for these other types of references to a future release.



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    Hi Derek,

    Thanks for the response. A feature request would be great.




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    Just curious – what is the status of that feature request? Thanks.


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