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    SVG and Windows 7

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    I am running version 6.0.2 with windows 7 43 bit and it is hanging from anywhere from 2 minutes to 20 minutes. There are times when the it will load based on file size but will not display the images. The SVG images are not being displayed in some cases we are not sure why it is not displaying the images. We think it is pulling down the most recent file information and is constantly refering back to the file location causing the slowed time but it will only display the images part of the time and when itdoes not show the images, where the image should be displayed it just states IE cannot find the image. is there another way around this we are running the last compatible version of adobe svg?



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    43 bit computer? 🙂



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    sorry 32 bit


    Derek Read

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    I think a clearer more detailed description of the issue would help people help you.

    Who created the customization you are working with that enables SVG rendering in your documents? If it was not you then it might be best to submit the customization to XMetaL Support to see if they can try to help you debug it.
    Or are you authoring DITA documents? (…in which case we can assume you are using an unmodified copy of XMetaL Author Enterprise)*
    Where are your XML documents located?
    Where are your SVG files located?

    Perhaps there is some code inside the SVG that is triggering this issue. If you could provide a sample that might help.

    * And we should move this posting to the board named “DITA and XMetaL Discussion”.


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