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    Support for topicset and topicsetref

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    Is there support for topicset and topicsetref (DITA 1.2 features for setting up reuseable groups of topics within maps)? I found that I could add those elements to maps when they were open in XML View. But for topicsetref, I could not find a way to add the topicset ID to the topicsetref href attribute.

    If there is not support for topicset/topicsetref, is it planned? To be clear, I understand that XMetaL will allow the elements in DITA maps and processing will resolve them correctly (provided the bundled OT supports it). By support, I mean does XMetaL provide a user interface to be able to set up topicset and topicsetref using the standard dialog boxes so that the “less geeky” members of my writing team can set them up correctly without resorting to Plain Text view.

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    Derek Read

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    Currently, I think “XML View of Map” (Tags On view) is the only way to construct meaningful topicset/topicsetref markup (meaning that the Element List and Attribute Inspector would be used). This should be “nicer” than Plain Text view (at least I think so).

    The Map Editor (in Resource Manager) has a menu choice called “Specialized Reference…” on the Insert menu. You can use this to insert any element as you type in the element name to insert. From there you get the generic topicref properties dialog (which exposes attributes on various tabs). You could use this to insert a topicset. It is by no means what we could call “first-class support” but it might help you in the short term depending on your author's needs.

    If you could send us some example files they might help us to evaluate what a first-class implementation for this might need to look like.



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    I can easily describe a first-class solution that builds upon existing XMetaL functionality.

    • Add Insert Topic Set and Insert Topic Set Reference commands to the Map Editor.
    • When inserting a topicset, automatically add a value to the id attribute. Everything else should work the same as adding a topic reference.
    • When inserting a topicsetref, display the dialog for inserting a mapref, but add a field that allows the user to browse to a topicset element within the map (after the map has been selected).

    I could provide sample files if you really need them, but they wouldn't be hard to create. Just create a map where the root topicref is a topicset that contains one or two other topics. Then create a second map with a topicsetref that references the topicset in the first map. When you build output for the second map, it should include the topicset from the first.

    We are not using topicset and topicsetref now partially becuase using XML View and the Attribute Inspector makes it a non-starter for our team.



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