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  • Su-Laine Yeo

    Stylesheet samples: Updated authoring CSS files for DITA topics

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    The attached CSS files include what we think are some usability improvements for DITA topic authoring. Note that you must be logged in to XMetaL Community Forums in order to download files.

    The changes, compared to the default XMetaL 5.5 DITA stylesheets, include the following:

    • elements in the display as inline rather than block elements to save space. This saves a lot of scrolling. There is a vertical divider line between keywords.
    • The main attributes for more elements are displayed in the document.
    • Names of more prolog elements are displayed.
    • Nested
        elements use lower-alpha and roman numeral numbering instead of decimals.
    • Nested
        elements use empty circle and square bullets instead of solid circle bullets.

    To use:
    1) Back up the ditabase-base.css and the ditabase-derived.css files in your “C:Program FilesXMetaL 5.5AuthorDITAXACsshared” folder.
    2) Copy the new versions of the ditabase-base.css and ditabase-derived.css files from this ZIP package to the above folder.

    We will probably include some or all of these stylesheet changes in the next release of XMetaL Author Enterprise. Note that these files will affect only how DITA documents appear when you are working with documents in XMetaL. They will not affect the styling of the output produced by the Generate Output command.

    Feedback on these files would be appreciated!


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