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    sqextras.dll in 5.5

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    Is sqextras.dll available in 5.5? I can't find it anywhere.


    Derek Read

    Reply to: sqextras.dll in 5.5

    Yes, SQExtras is still included with XMetaL Author Enterprise and Essential 5.5 and is now also included with XMAX. We do not have any plans to remove it as it is used by many XMetaL customizations (many clients) and is a standard part of the product that has shipped since the beginning.

    If you need to confirm it has been installed and registered it is located here by default (English Windows XP / Vista):

    C:Program FilesCommon FilesXMetaL Sharedsqextras.dll

    It makes more sense to install it here now that it is shared between XMetaL Author Enterprise, XMetaL Author Essential and XMAX. You will see other shared DLLs in this folder though these are not meant to be used by scripts (they are related to XFT and XAC functionality and are not COM controls).


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