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  • rlambrose

    Spell Checker custom dictionary

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    As a user that has built up a large custom dictionary with the spell checker (using the 'Add' button), I'd like to backup the dictionary in case of system failure or system upgrade.

    Can you advise how to backup/restore this?


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Spell Checker custom dictionary

    You can locate the User Word List file (the file these words are being added to) by launching the spell checker (F7), selecting Options, then User Word Lists, then clicking the Add List button. That will open a dialog that lets you add a UWL file to the current list of files being used by the spell checker. You can use this to locate any particular UWL file(s) you are using (I believe you can add up to 10 for any particular language).

    By default the UWL files are stored here:
    C:UsersDocumentsCorel User FilesXMetaL



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    Thanks Derek!


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