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    spell checker

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    XMetaL Author Essential 9.0
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    wanting to know if there is a JSCRIPT or exposed api or a macro that we can run to return all the misspelled words in the activedocument? when searching the forums most responses mentioned XMAX, but hopeful Author has the ability.

    We added following to the xmetal90.ini 'runtime_spell_checking=true' that id's the misspelled words in the editor.  Since spell checker loops thru them one at time, hopeful there is a method to grab the entire list and use it programmatically for other functionality.

    we have tried the following, but it only returns a single misspelled word nearest the cursor:
    // XMetaL Script Language JSCRIPT:
    var strWords = ActiveDocument.GetSpellingResult(0);
    ActiveDocument.Host.Alert(strWords ;



    Reply to: spell checker

    we can use getNextWord, however can't get the property .IsWordSpellingCorrect to return true or false in order to determine whether or not the word is spelt correctly.


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