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  • Derek Read

    Spam – Blocked IP Address?

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    We have needed to resort to banning specific IP addresses for obvious spammers. This started being a major issue sometime in 2010 and has slowly been escalating to the point where we are now banning anywhere from 10 to 30 IP addresses per week.

    If you are not a spammer but receive a message telling you that you are not allowed to post or sign up (or some other error that sounds like the forum doesn't like you for whatever reason) your IP address was probably used to spam the forum before it was assigned to you (dynamic IP address).

    If this sounds like you, please contact XMetaL Support with the information below. Do not post this information on the forum.

    Spammers are very crafty, so unless you provide all of the following information XMetaL Support will be very reluctant to look into the issue (because, well, spammers suck and they will try anything).

    1) Name: [Your full real name.]
    2) Organization: [The full name of the company that you work for (and the department for larger organizations). This should be the organization name you normally use when purchasing software so that we can confirm we have a relationship with you.]
    3) Corporate Email: [Your corporate email address we can use to help validate the relationship with your company.]
    4) Forum Email: [The email address you used to create your account on the forum.]
    4) Forum Activity: [What you were trying to do on the forum.]
    5) Forum Error Message: [The error you received from the forum.]
    6) Forum Account: [Your forum account name, if you have managed to create one.]
    7) IP Address: [This needs to be the IP address that a website sees.]

    You can use one of these services to obtain your IP address:


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