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    Sort List in XMetaL Author Enterprise 9.0

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    We are currently testing our new install of XMetaL Author Enterprise 9.0 and have come up with two questions:

    (1)  Is the current highest version of XM9 or is there a newer patch/release?

    (2)  Is Edit > Sort List supposed to work on DITA definition lists (

    element)? The menu option is available inside the
    element, but using it immediately crashes XMetaL every time.



    Derek Read

    Reply to: Sort List in XMetaL Author Enterprise 9.0

    1) Yes.

    2) At this point in time definition lists are not sortable. Having the option show up on the Edit menu (which I have confirmed is happening) is a bug. We would need to expand the capabilities of the sorting feature quite a bit to allow sorting of this type of complex markup (in DITA a dl can have multiple dlentry elements and each of those can have multiple dt (terms) and multiple dd (definitions) so I'm not sure how sorting would work). If we can figure out a meaningful UI and associated code to go with it I guess we could add support for it. If you have some content you wouldn't mind sharing perhaps you could submit a feature request to XMetaL Support explaining how you might want to have it sorted (the results).


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