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  • Polly Poon

    Setting up CTM file for XML Schema based document

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    I am having problems setting up the CTM file for a XML Schema based document.

    Initially I opened a XML document defined by a XML Schema. XMetaL Author 5.5 has automatically created a CTM file for me.

    I checked the automatically generated CTM file and found that a set of ns prefix mapping has been created. A set of are also defined for my XML document.

    I tried to modified the CTM file. First, i have taken out the element from the to activate the pretty print options that are defined for the element.

    I then tried to configure the for the elements. However, none of the settings I added to the CTM file appears to have taken effect.

    For example, I added to one of the of . Then I saved the CTM file and open the XML Document in XMetaL. When I switched to the plain text view, no new blank lines were inserted before the start tag of .

    Are there anythings i need to add to the CTM file for it to take effect?


    Su-Laine Yeo

    Reply to: Setting up CTM file for XML Schema based document

    I'm not sure if this is the only issue, but you do have to restart XMetaL in order for CTM changes to take effect.


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Setting up CTM file for XML Schema based document

    I think Su-Laine is correct. Unless you have XMetaL Developer installed, changes you make to customization files typically require you to restart XMetaL Author.

    It could also be that (if you are hand-coding your CTM files) you have introduced an error. In most cases XMetaL Author will simply ignore things it does not understand. In some cases it will read the file up to that point and ignore the rest. In some cases it might skip over a section it doesn't understand. In rare cases it may be possible to crash the product as well, though I believe most of these have been ironed out (ideally you shouldn't be feeding the product invalid configuration settings anyway, we only test with files generated by XMetaL Developer as that is the expected use case).


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