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  • linjinwei

    Setting Table Background color

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    Hi again.
    This time I need to set a background color for a cell in the table. For example like the image below.


    I tried using in the ditabase-derived.css:

    /* blueBG {*/
    [class~=”hi-d/blueBG”] {
    background-color: #9999ff;
    but it only hightlight the text, not the entire cell of table.

    Any answer for the coding to change table background color?



    Reply to: Setting Table Background color

    You might try setting the “blueBG” attribute on the table instead of on the contents inside the cell.  But I'm not sure if this will work — this might be a limitation in XMetaL's CSS support.

    I would assume that getting colours in your output formats is more important, anyway.  As noted in the “indentation” thread, that will involve entirely different stylesheets (and possibly have its own limitations depending on the capabilities of the various tools involved).



    Reply to: Setting Table Background color

    Unfortunately I cannot use your idea of changing in the code to get the background color. It must be done throught UI (clicking and done).

    I think I hav another idea of using codeblock. Will try it out and post back later.


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