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    using XMAX 10.0 control within a form and wondering if I'm using the correct method for a Replace?
    for example, during a Find the following returns True if phrase is found or False if phrase is not found: .AxXMetaLControlDraftingEditor.Selection.Find.Execute(with XMetaLControlLib.SQFindReplaceAction.sqFind).
    However, when i use XMetaLControlLib.SQFindReplaceAction.sqReplaceFind to mimic the Replace button, it always returns True, regardless if the search word exists or not.

    Ideally, we are trying to mimic XMetaL Author Essential 5.5's Find and Replace buttons (Find, Replace, and Replace All).



    Reply to: .Selection.Find.Execute

    to mimic Replace button simply used a combination of both .SQFindReplaceAction.sqFind & .SQFindReplaceAction.sqReplaceFind


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