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  • Susan Le

    [SDI, DCL & JustSystems] Moving to XML Webinar

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    Date: Wednesday, May 23, 2012
    Time: 11:00 am PDT | 2:00 pm EDT

    Planning to move your content to XML? Whether it’s because you’re looking to reduce costs across the organization or to streamline your information creation process, there are a lot of things to consider. Surprisingly, the least of which is converting your content.

    In this webinar, Julio Vazquez, Information Architect at SDI, will cover some of the rationale, considerations, people to influence, processes to examine and actions to take when moving forward with XML. Join us for this information-packed presentation.

    Julio Vazquez is currently an Information Architect with SDI. Julio is a key principle who has designed and implemented publication solutions for various SDI clients. He uses his knowledge of technical communications, information architecture, previous publication experience, and investigatory skills to determine information solutions that best fit a client's needs. In his previous career with IBM, he was on the corporate team that defined DITA and wrote the first article on the language in April of 2002. He has presented at STC-Carolina, DITA East and DocTrain West and DITA North America on various topics. His first book on DITA, Practical DITA, presents an approach to understanding how to write using DITA from the ground up. He has also published a paper about indexing in the Center for Information Design Management (CIDM) Best Practices Newsletter and is a contributor to the Yahoo! DITA User's Group, a founder of the RTP DITA User's Group, and a staunch DITA advocate.

    Register for the webinar today: [url=https://justsystems.webex.com/justsystems/onstage/g.php?d=928299327&t=a&SourceId=JustSystems&webSyncID=a6cc1362-a7b2-7825-e578-289d70eb45a2&sessionGUID=01eb2720-53c7-6bc6-c1d5-c895dcb9a58e]https://justsystems.webex.com/justsystems/onstage/g.php?d=928299327&t=a&SourceId=JustSystems&webSyncID=a6cc1362-a7b2-7825-e578-289d70eb45a2&sessionGUID=01eb2720-53c7-6bc6-c1d5-c895dcb9a58e[/url]


    Susan Le

    Reply to: [SDI, DCL & JustSystems] Moving to XML Webinar

    Missed the webinar?

    Please feel free to view/download the webinar here: [url=http://justsystems.xmetal.com/Moving_to_XML/MovingtoXMLWebinar_Download]http://justsystems.xmetal.com/Moving_to_XML/MovingtoXMLWebinar_Download[/url]

    Best regards,
    Susan Le
    Marketing Specialist
    JustSystems Canada, Inc.


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