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    script example: launching XMetaL Author from a browser (Internet Explorer)

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    The attached file contains sample code for launching XMetaL Author from Internet Explorer. The attached zip file contains the following:

    – TestXMetaLLaunchFromBrowser.html
    – testRemoteMacroInvocation.mcr

    This is an html page that contains a button that launches XMetaL Author, waits until it is initialized, passes some data to XMetaL Author, then launches a macro in XMetaL Author that uses the data.

    This is an XMetaL macro file containing the macro that is launched from the browser. The macro reads the data passed from the browser and displays it in an alert dialog.

    1) Unzip the attached zip file.
    2) Copy testRemoteMacroInvocation.mcr to the startup folder in the XMetaL Author installation folder.
    3) Copy TestXMetaLLaunchFromBrowser.html to your file system (or to a web server)

    1) Open TestXMetaLLaunchFromBrowser.html in Internet Explorer.
    2) Click on the button to Launch XMetaL Author

    After XMetaL Author launches you should see an alert dialog pop up with the message “This string was passed from the web app.”.



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