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    Script Example: Global Track Changes setting

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    XMetaL script extension: Global Track Changes
    Filename: xmetaLExtension-globalTrackChanges.mcr
    Author: Tom Magliery
    Version: 1.0
    Date: 17 April 2019

    This script extension adds a “global track changes” setting to XMetaL Author.

    Ordinarily XMetaL provides change tracking (aka revision marking) only on a per-document
    and per-session basis. Change tracking is OFF by default, and when turned ON (via the
    Tools > Track Changes command) is applicable only to the active document, and only until
    XMetaL is closed.

    This script adds the following behaviour:
    1. Change tracking can be set to default to ON for all documents
    2. The user can change the default to his/her own preference
    3. The setting remains in effect the next time XMetaL is opened

    Installation instructions:
    1. Close XMetaL.
    2. Copy this file into the XMetaL “Startup” folder.
    3. Restart XMetaL.

    Removal instructions:
    1. Close XMetaL.
    2. Remove this file from the XMetaL “Startup” folder.
    3. Delete the per-user copy of the “xmetal.ini” settings file. This file is kept in the
    following directory:
    WARNING: Do not confuse this with the “master” copy of the xmetal.ini file, which is
    kept in the Program Files/XMetaL directory!
    4. Restart XMetaL.

    Usage instructions:
    This extension includes user-executable macros for changing the Global Track Changes
    setting to ON or OFF. At present the only ways to execute these user macros are via
    the Macros toolbar and the Tools > Macros dialog. Look there for the macros called
    “Turn Global Track Changes ON” and “Turn Global Track Changes OFF”.

    Note: The built-in menu command (Tools > Track Changes) retains its existing
    functionality, which is to toggle the Track-Changes status of the current active
    document. For example, if the Global Track Changes setting is currently ON, then after
    a document is opened, the menu command could be used to turn change tracking OFF for
    only that document.

    This script was tested with XMetaL Author Enterprise 14. However, the (very few) APIs
    that this uses have been available in XMetaL since approximately the time of the Roman
    Empire. It should work fine with both XMetaL Author Essential and Enterprise going back
    at least several versions.


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